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Welcome to Nelum Nikethana

“A place for self reflection and relaxation.”

A spice estate has been left to grow into a natural spice forest located only 2 k.m. away from the Kandy town. “Nelum Nikethana” is a place to experience a state of mind that is at peace with the world as well as with ones self. A place of contentment, a place where all is manageable, a place for reflection and relaxation.

Nature makes well-being natural

Healthful form of activities and habits blended into the nature has the greatest capacity to keep the healing system in good working order, and increase the likelihood of spontaneous healing and welleness. To experience how our five senses anchor us to our body and to the present moment. To create momemnts of peace in which healing begins. To learn the mental and physical steps that reduce stress, enhance energy and help to get life back on track.


Well Being Retreat

    The programme includes:
  • Herbal Soup, Herbal Tea, healthy Ayurvedic meals
    Daily programme content from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m:
    Pranayama: stress releasing and pressure balancing breath work.
    Yoga Asanas : Yoga postures to enhance flexibility, to strengthen the muscles, to improve stamina and physical balance.
    Savasana: To reunite the body and mind.
    Ayurvedha Panchakarma: five types of therapies including massages. This is a process used to clean of toxic materials left by diseases, poor nutrition and environmental toxins.
    Mindfulness Meditation: to be blissful in the present moment.
    Aroma therapy to relax the nervous system.
    This retreat is conducted by professional Yoga teachers, meditation teachers and Ayurveda Doctors.
    Acommadation is at Kandy Eco Retreat –nelum nikethana.
    The number of days and dates can be discussed with the Management.
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Shambha-la : The Authentic Ayurvedic Spa

    The programme includes:
  • Pancha-Karma Treatments
    All the following Pancha- Karma treatments will be done in the most Authentic way by Traditional Ayurveda Physicians and Therapists. Abyana (Full body massage), Pinda sweda (Heat therapy)
    Shirodara (Oil head treatment), Washpa sweda (Ayurveda Sauna), Head, neck and shoulder massage
    Alepana (Facial cleaning, Facial massage, Gentle scrubs, Facial pack, Facial toning, Facial herbal steam
    Acommadation is at Kandy Eco Retreat –nelum nikethana.
    The number of days and dates can be discussed with the Management.
    Ayurveda cosmetic therapy and specific Ayurveda treatments for communicable and non communicable diseases are conducted by physicians specialzed in respective areas of Ayurveda.
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Ashram Life

Nelum Nikethana is opening it's doors for those who believe in "Shanthi", peace and ecological living to experiance Ashram life.


Facilities to do yoga, meditation, ayurveda, organic cultivation and nature walks.

Ashram environment

Most of all just being in the Ashram environment is inspiring to experience life beyond pretence.


An eco-friendly accomodation is proviced in individual rooms, twin sharing rooms and family rooms

Organic food

All vegetarian meals can be ordered in the retreat kitchen facilities are available for long staying guests if they wish to prepare their own meals.