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Nelum Nikethana Yoga

- The Spice Forest Retreat -

This Spice Forest retreat provides us with a gateway from our daily life, helping us to find the  Peace and Contentment no matter what life brings us. Ancient relaxation techniques like Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda  practiced in their most traditional way helps us realize this goal. 

Programme for the Relaxation Day at the Retreat

Herbal  Tea, Pranayama(breathing yoga),Hatha yoga(yoga postures),Breakfast,Shirodara(Head oil bath)Shiro Vasthi(Head oil treatment,Abyanga(body massage),Swedana(steam bath),Lunch,Healing techniques(Yoga Therapy,Tha Chi,Chi gun,Reiki),Evening Tea,Mindfulness Meditation,Dinner

Programme for the Mindfulness Day at the Retreat

Herbal Tea,Pranayama(breathing yoga),Yoga Asana(mindfulness yoga),Breakfast,Sakman Bawana(Walking meditation),Anapana Sathi(breathing meditation),Lunch,Nature Meditation,Aroma therapy,Herbal Tea,Mindfulness Meditation,Dinner

In addition to the above mentioned day programmes there are  4 Retreats  with different durations and variations of relaxation and healing techniques 1.Kaya(duration 3days),2.Vedana(duration 7days),3.Chiththa(duration 14days),and 4.Dhamma(duration 21 days)

 Special programme for Air Line Cabin Crew and Flight  Attendants

Specially designed yoga sessions for Grounding, Bare foot walking meditation which reduces the radiation in your body, Pranayama –stress releasing and pressure balancing breath work, Ayurveda massage and therapies to balance the vital life energies,Mindfulness meditation to reunite the body and mind, Herbal soup, Herbal Tea and organic meals to detoxicate the body,