Revealing the Self beyond Self

The word Astrology means the science or study of the planets or stars in relation to human beings. The main step is the production of a birth chart also known as the time map or more commonly a horoscope.

The Horoscope of each individual varies according to the date of birth, the time of birth, place of birth and the country in which the individual was born. Astrologers believe that they can learn a lot about the destiny of a person if given the above data. Each gemstone has its own characteristic in relation to the planets. The radiation and the vibration created from gemstones, the light travelling from the sun transmitting through a clean and non-defective gemstones into your physical body effect changes of one’s life.

In relation to gemstones each and every planet has its own characteristic colour representing a gemstone resulting the changes of the destiny of all mankind. The astrological sign varies according to the place, time and date of birth which determines the gemstones that will help to bring prosperity.

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