Shelter for Self

  • Agroforestry- intentional combination of agriculture and forestry to enhance the ecology at the Kandy eco retreat was taking place over last 30 years. The spice estate which had been left to grow in to a natural forest and has been planted subsequently with fruit trees, vegetables and other medicinal plants.
  • It provides a more diverse habitat of flora and fauna , green space, visual aesthetics and landscaping for the eco retreat.
  • Enhancement or maintenance of wildlife habitat by providing food and nesting possibilities for varieties of birds and mammals. Tropical bird diversity for instance can be comparable to the diversity in natural forests. Organic Bee farming is introduced to enhance the ecology of the land. · We believe in contributing to reduce global warming and hunger risk by increasing the number of drought-resistant trees and the subsequent production of fruits, nuts, spices and oils. Trees in agroforestry systems, like in the eco retreat, can recapture some of the carbon that was lost by cutting existing forests and as a mean to adapt to climate change.
  • Reduced need for toxic chemicals (insecticides, herbicides, etc.)to produce organic and Improved human nutrition through more diverse farm outputs
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